TSTT Consult
TSTT Consult 




  • Technology
  • Economics

  • Medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, GMP approvals

  • Dental

  • IT and legal



Russian, Ukrainian, German and English. 

CAT can be used for translation to guarantee uniform terms. 

Almost 20 years experience in translation and interpreting, knowledge in technology and management.





TSTT Consult provides interpreting services for your different demands: conferences (simultaneous and consecutive interpreting), negotiations, meetings. In addition, we would be excited to consult you on optimal organisation of your conference or congress if you want to involve a team of interpreters.




Russian, Ukrainian, German and English



  • Technology, especially Life Sciences 

  • Energy

  • Medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, GMP approvals

  • Economics and Legal



Your contact: info[at]tstt-consult.de


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