TSTT Consult
TSTT Consult 


TSTT-Consult has significant experience in providing individual and company trainings starting with trainings on Project Management up to language trainings. The trainings can be conducted as an in-house event or in form of webinars.


If you are interested in specific topics, please contact us and we will provide you additional information and an individual quote.

Overview of our trainings



Project Management, HR management, patent management, technology management, process management, quality management, innovation management



Microfluidics, biophysics, pressure control, miniaturised throughput techniques (in cooperation with Biophysical Tools)


General Business Studies:

Accounting (also comparison of the German and Ukrainian systems, transformation thereof), marketing


Sales and communication:

Introduction into Sales, market launch for technology, business etiquette, communication and presentation


Your contact:

Katja Prasol, email: katja.prasol[at]tstt-consult.de

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