TSTT Consult
TSTT Consult 

TSTT-Consult TSTT-Consult provides services in interpreting and translation in German, English, Russian and Ukrainian with focus on: 

  • technology, electronics, Physics, EMC 
  • medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, GMP-approvals
  • Life Sciences

Further, we provide project management services and consulting, particularly within company setups, market launch of innovative products and financing issues in the aforementioned fields. 


You can also let your staff learn from our experience.

Services of TSTT Consult

Translation and  Interpreting



Medical devices, pharmaceutical industry, GMP, approvals




German, English, Russian, Ukrainian

Advanced        Trainings



Project management

HR management

HR development

Strategy management

Company setup

Consulting and   Project Management



External project management

Business planning

Market Launch

in Life Sciences

Marketing and development of innovative products

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